Oct 11, 2009


Another lonely prayer prayed
As I crumpled against the pillow;
The night has never been so cold
And I have never felt so empty.
I remembered Leah, the unloved!
I remembered how she fought with her own blood
For nothing, but the affection of a Jacob.
Leah am I, tonight!
As I fought with myself;
For nothing but the love of a man.
Jacob, his name not quite!

Another silent tear shed;
Another dream turned to dust
As I try to keep my head above the waters.
A ray of light dawned on my window,
As I recalled how God remembered
Leah, the unloved!!
For at last she won the fight.
For in death, she lay with him;
Him whose love she longed for her whole life.

Leah am I, again tonight!
For I know God sees and remembers
The lonely prayers, the silent tears;
The aching nights so cold and lonesome,
Longing for the love, so long denied.

Leah am I, not quite, tonight!
For I know I will win this fight,
Not in death, no, not in the grave;
But in giving rather than receiving
And knowing I am loved still,
In a way no Jacob ever can!

** Delayed Attempts at poetry!! I know it sounds weird... But I was really inspired to write that night. And the inspiration's pretty pathetic too!! :D It'll be my last attempt. Promise!! :D