Jan 8, 2013

New Hopes and New Years

Happy New Year.

It took me a whole week in the New Year to update a blog. But this week in the New Year had been so hectic that I hardly have time to sleep. I sleep on an average of 4 hours a day. So naturally, bad skin, pimples, dark circles and swollen face are my badges of honor these days. Not the best way, but indeed a blessed way to start a New Year. 

2012 has been a hard year for me. A very hard year. Heartbreaks, breakups, health problems, family problems, deaths in the family, academic doldrums; I've had them all. I've watched my hopes and dreams crushed without mercy; castles that I've built for years crumbled to dust and carefully laid plans turned to nothing. Prince Charming rode into the sunset without me and I've said goodbye to a dear old Grandpa, who has been a patriarch in the family for decades. My bouts of depressions were sometimes so severe that many times, I feel like giving all up, go home and be a hermit (Ok! I just went overboard there!). But in spite of everything, God had plans for me.

The Mayans were right. At least about me! Heh! 21st December marked a new era in my life. Heh!! I'll let you in the details later...

So all in all, I'm glad to be here in the New Year with new hopes and dreams. I feel this year will be a good year for me. I'm blessed with new friends and new people in my life (with ages ranging from 21 through 70), people who pray for me when needed and laugh with me when times are good. I've finally learnt how to count my blessing and not my loss. I've also learnt how to let go and forgive myself for the wrongs I've done. Well, who am I not to forgive myself when God does?!

It's just been a week into the New Year and I'm already making miraculously speedy progress in my research - something which has been collecting cobwebs and mildew for the past year. It has been such a good start to a new year.

So here's to a Happy New Year, a new year filled with new hopes and new dreams...