Mar 18, 2012

Empty corkboards and New beginnings

The counter was a wee bit high for my 5'3 frame and I somehow climbed a ledge to peer over to take a look at the corkboard until I caught the eye of the very busy salesman. I was with the 'crew' on a mission to hunt down the best badges for the upcoming Spring Festival. So there I was trying to keep up with 4 men who knows exactly what they want, ransacking every stationary store in South Delhi. It was in a store in the little gully where I came across this corkboard, paid for it and took it home with me while the guys were also finally satisfied with their hunt.

The next day, I announced to my roommate that the board is going right up on the wall near my bed. "I'm going to pin it up with inspirational quotes and messages that I need to tell myself everyday" I told her. The royal blue velvet covering the corkboard stood out against my pale yellow walls, the bright color not the only thing that stood out but also because of the fact that it's an empty board. I stared at it time and time again, wishing there was something that I could put up. But my mind is blank, which made me realize that the empty board on my wall is only a projection of this empty mind.

If you've been one of those kind people to stop by and read this blog, you might have noticed that I haven't updated in quiet a while. Well, it's because I've been going through quite a transition in my life and changes aren't always comfortable. Or welcomed.

Life is a cycle after all. There's a time for everything under the sun. And sometimes, no matter how badly you wanted it, you have to let go of some things in life and make decisions that shook your inner being. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to stop it, history repeats itself. And sometimes in life, there are things that just cannot be.

It's time for a New Beginning.

New beginnings aren't always the best things in life. Sometimes it's scary and you're gripped with fear of the unknown. And sometimes you question yourself if you've made  a new beginning or if you've ended your life with the decision.

The corkboard on my wall is blank, life as I've known it has changed and I'm at the start of another unknown journey. But I also know that my corkboard isn't always going to be this way and I live with the hope that no matter how buckled my knees are right now, I'll find strength along the new journey.

And maybe, just maybe, one fine day, I'll look back, miss this empty board and find this present change beautiful. Until then, even with this numbness, I'll stare at my empty board and tell myself that there is so much space for new stories, new words and new pictures.


Anonymous said...

hey don't worry. with a great blog like this, your 'board' will soon be full.
btw, there's something wrong with the comments page. i tried commenting with my id but couldn't. but as 'anonymous', bingo!

Alejendro said...

Do one thing. Pin my picture on your board. hahhah

it's good to see you again. :-)

Senmami said...

Hello anonymous! :D I wonder what's wrong... I hope you're logged in!:D Anyways thanx for the comment!

@alejendro.. Hello!! It's good to be back!Chin up... all the way!**printing and pinning your pic right away** heheee!

Alejendro said...

Now don't be surprised when some girls ask you for my number. That's 'when' not 'if' :-P and don't you give them.. tee hee :-D

Anonymous said...

... every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end... clich├ęd as it may sound, things do get better.