Oct 13, 2011

The (un)inspiring October full moon!

So it's October full moon tonight!

Facebook statuses and tweets have heavy sprinkles of the word chhawrthlapui and lungleng all over them. At least half a dozen friends must have quoted Bruno Mars and his howling conversation with the moon!

Beautiful but still doesn't manage to inspire me!! Pic: srcgchs.wordpress.com

Yet. here I am, wishing I could feel blue. But I just can't get in the mood tonight. 

And while the moon climbs the almost prefect Delhi night sky and sets the 'blue feeling' for people everywhere, I was walking back alone from a dinner with my uncle on a work visit to Delhi. The campus is littered with couples especially on the lonely road back to my far flung hostel in the corner of the campus. Yet, romance, the beautiful weather and the painfully lonesome moon still couldn't change my 'blue deficient' mood.

 Ah! The moon.... The lonesome moon! There are nights when you didn't even shine this bright, yet your light on my floor was enough to send me in a melancholic frenzy. I'd often stare at my curtains dancing in the breeze and allow myself to revisit painful yet beautiful pasts while treading softly on my moonlight floor. I know I'm not the only one! Generations of poets  have derived their inspiration from the lonely moon, destined never to meet someone to share his lonely nights with!

But tonight is just not one of those nights!!

I text a couple of my friends about what they are doing. Their answers made me more worried. They were all  basking in the beauty of the moonlight! The boyfriend text me telling me that he missed Delhi University's Gwyer Hall rooftop (We spend many an hour on the phone on the rooftop when we first started going out). Another friend told me he's rounding up the guys for a rooftop party with the guitar and old Mizo love songs. Yet another older friend told me she's listening to Dolly Parton's 'The moon, the stars and me'. I envy these people. For I'd give anything to feel blue tonight! 

Don't get me wrong but October full moon happens only once in a year! And I would be a fool to let it pass by without enjoying it. Yet after standing in the silent terrace for 15 minutes, I managed to feel uninspired in the way I wanted to! So here I am, punching these un-inspired lines into my overworked keyboard, still hoping to feel at least a light shade of blue!!

Now the Taj Mahal under the moonlight should get me into the mood! But wait!! It didn't . Pic: art.com

The roommate is on her phone, out in the moonlight, obviously talking to the significant person. And since I can't get the blues tonight, I hope she comes back with at least a light shade of it!! 

For she just doesn't help during the conversation earlier in the night!

'Tonight's a full moon night' I told her hoping she'd be reminded of something melancholic.

Her answer squashed my hope.

'Oh Gawddd!!! The dogs are definitely going crazy with their howling tonight." 

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