Apr 8, 2011


So after almost a month of internet problems with MTNL, I'm back.

What a relief! I've been spending the last four weeks on complaint phone calls which were entertained strictly verbally!! With busy weeks, synopsis preparation, badminton games, cycling lessons (Yes!! I've finally done it), choir practices for the upcoming Resurrection weekend, I hardly have the time to go bomb the MTNL office in person.

But a friend of mine taught me a trick.

So last evening, when I picked up the phone to complain (the third time in a day) I subtly expressed my 'desire' to cancel my connection.


A phone call came from the office even before I woke up this morning. And fifteen minutes later, my internet light blinked for the first time in weeks. And here I am, furiously typing away, happy to get connected yet mourning for the lost weeks!

I must never forget.... I live in India!

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