Nov 27, 2007

My Greatest Fear

I fear that I may end before I finish
Or finish but not well
That I should stain Your Honor,
shame Your Name,
grieve Thy Loving Heart
For a few, they tell me finish well
So, Father, let me get Home before the Dark
And let me finish this race with joy...


Thought ripples said...

hey,,u are very special....growth nis lfe......keep the good works over here....its good to see ya over here...take care

Thought ripples said...

I sit down to write, my thoughts churning inside my head,
There is a pattern to their randomness.
They scream for freedom, for written proof of their existence,
Alas- if only I could read them.

A thought begins, another cuts in,
The train of thought is being derailed.
I want to give way to expression,
Only to be waylaid by more confusion.

I type the words, but thoughts overtake me,
I ain't my own master- the thoughts are in control.
I see a picture in the end- but it has never been so unclear,
I try to find the pieces to make it- I grope in the dark.

Is it necessary to make sense, to find the central idea?
Or is it good to let my thoughts overflow?
I do not have answer.
All I have are more thoughts....

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart."
- Confucius