Apr 24, 2010


A certain friend of mine complained once that my blog is too irregular and way too serious … well, the word he used was ‘depressing’! He should have known, it was my intention to keep it that way! But anyway, a serious rambling could also indeed spice up the “depressing” blog! And about the irregularities, well, I have to work on that…. But on my defense, I just can’t write without being inspired.

So here you are…

Random facts about me you just might not know!

· When I was 6, I fell from the dining table. Yes. The dining table (God knows why I was up there!). I had temporary blindness for a couple of days because I hit my head and supposedly my optical nerves were badly swollen. I don’t know how that could happen. I blame that accident for my myopic eye. I know, it doesn’t make sense. But I still like playing the blame game.

· I was 7; I fell from the fourth floor to the second floor of our building. I was in crutches for a week. That didn’t stop me from getting into a fight with a boy from our locality who made fun of my limping. My brother came to my help, but I already had my fair share of victory… That boy should’ve known crutches have multiple uses!

· I was 3 when I ‘volunteered’ to be the hair model for my 5 year old brother’s skills with the scissors. My mom almost fainted when she saw us that evening. Ed with his hair gnawed off into several patches; my previously shoulder length hair could now expose one ear and was grazed up to the neck on the other side. I think I would have looked fashionable… if only the emo hair was in!!

· My pinkie toe is larger than the one next to it. I get picked for my big pinky a lot! What can I do?? Basic genetics coming to play!!

· I wrote a song when I was 5. Yeah! Three songs, in fact, and in English. Brilliant me, I just started the English alphabet that year itself. My dad was witty enough to type them down and laminate it. Well, it’s just a jumble of all the English words I learnt in school, so sometimes it doesn’t make sense, my brothers don’t even call them songs. BUT, I wrote them out and sang them to my Grandma then and there( Yes, my dad note this down too. Bless him! )… so I still call them songs. :P Maybe one of these days, I’ll scan it down and post them… just for the heck of it!

· My first respond to my brother’s attempt in teaching me English “What is your name?” was "Ka nem lo”! I think I picked it up from some Thangkura audiotapes (I’m a big fan).

· I pulled out three of my own teeth with a string before I was 10!!! I was scared of dentists. So much that I’d rather do the job myself when my tooth starts shaking, I’ll hunt for sai-la. Running to parents with bleeding gums is compulsory after that!!

· My brother’s would never let me join their football games when I was a kid. I was never about me being a girl! I always get thrown out because I was too rough!! The boys from the other team always ended up with torn shirts if I played.

· Chukchu was Churchuk for me till I was 9, Dumka was dumde till I was around 7.

· I was caught smoking a churut with my cousins and my brothers at a friend’s garden. I was 8!! The price of having only boys to hang out with. The youngest one among our group, when his parents interrogated him, answered “Pak tum tauh” (Pak thum chauh). By the way, I don’ smoke. I started early, quitted early! :D

· I had my first crush when I was 14… I know, I’m a late starter. It was on a guy from an Irish boyband, beyond the seven seas; who doesn’t know I exist and ….later turn out to be gay!! 11 years later, I ‘googled him’ and ‘youtubed’ him and realized that my heartstrings are still tugged when he gave that lopsided smile. Sigh!! The charms of a gay guy!

· Talk about being a late starter… I had my first kiss at 22. I was ‘saving’ myself for the right person. I still kiss the same guy. Lucky Bastard!

· I cracked my front teeth biting on chhurpi in Bhutan. Don’t want to use dentures just yet. I’m still roaming around with cracked tooth! L

Randomness indeed!!!


ku2 said...

Nice to know all these about you :)
You know, we have the best of both worlds. We get to act like lil' boys when we were kids, and we have all the fun. Now we get to be girly and its even more fun :)

Joseph L said...

And when you were 30(!) you sang your masterpiece "Lal Isua Hnenah", which was a HIT.

jay-me said...

hey hey! nice to know ur stil breathing...is gud uve continued to sharpen ur already sharpened craetivity...hats off!

Alejendro said...

after reading a lot about you, one conclusion.. you are a very naughty gal.. :-P