Jul 2, 2010

Love Letters

Okay… I’m just gonna come clean with this!

I have never written or received a love letter in my life! There… I said it!! And I’m not sure if it’s something to laugh or cry about!

For starters, I was never ‘in demand’. Secondly, the only relationship I’ve been in (prior to my current relationship) was a long-distance, seriously complicated, one-sided relationship. We talked on the phone a lot and we do mail each other a few times. However, it was always a friendly letter narrating trivial things like our daily schedules and the likes. Oh Yes! Most importantly, our letters always contain “advices”. Yes, we strictly stay away from the dreaded subject and so sadly, they were never ‘love’ letters! Well, that was ages ago and sadly, the closest I ever came to writing or receiving a love letter.

Four years ago, I met my man. Fortunately (or in this case unfortunately), we were already in the “cell phone age”. So letters were just out of question.

I find love letters very romantic in a ‘vintage-y’ sorta’ way. And I mean the heartfelt “love letters”, not the ones that my peers use to write or receive in high school, which would have lines of Shania Twain’s lyrics. Yeah! You know what song I’m talking about!

The writing, the anticipating and the pure joy of receiving an envelope with your name written in handwriting you know so well. That particular hour in the morning when you would wait for the familiar postman, hoping he'd bring you an envelope with your name on it. Or maybe that joyous feeling of picking out the right pad, the right ink and the right perfume to spray on that letter you are writing. Maybe it has got to do with my parents getting married following a single telegram (maybe I’ll blog about this too!).

Gone are the days when people were so faithful in long-distance relationships and they have stacks of well-read tattered old letters to prove it. My aunt still keeps a chocolate-boxful of letters that my uncle wrote to her before they were married. And she claims to value it more than anything. Lucky woman!

How I wish people would still be in the mood to write in spite of all the latest technologies, where everything could be done with a keyboard and a click of a mouse!! But like they say, it’s never too late to start; I just might have the chance to write a heartfelt letter which bleeds with emotion and is bathe with tears! Until then, I’ll keep thinking of the perfect words to write when that day comes!


ku2 said...

Same pinch!I sometimes feel technology kills romance. I'd like the old-fashioned letters delivered via snail mail via a wheezy old postman :(
One day I'd like to be able to rummage through a dusty box and show my grandchildren the letters their grandpop used to write me and... heh, you get the picture. And do blog about your parents and the telegram!

La Vecchia Signor said...

beautiful post sen, the good old simple days have gone...i'd easily trade the old and the new too :(