May 10, 2011

Now and Then: Torn Jeans vs. Torn School Socks!

It's a blue monday today. To chase the blues away, a friend of mine and I decided to go flea market shopping! Armed with multiple layers of sunscreen, full sleeved shirt (lest I get sunburnt), a ninja scarf for protection against dust and my favourite pair of comfy jeans, we headed out. And as I got out of the auto, I heard a rip, felt a breeze and looked down to a 3 inch inverted L tore right on my upper outer thigh!!! The auto driver and a couple of shoppers nearby looked at me and giggled. While the car driver on whose number plates my pants tore, looked on, slightly amused with my exposed patch of skin and my clumsy walk while trying to hide the tear.

There was no way I was going back. For this will be my last Monday Sale shopping for the next  three months. Well, I couldn't shop with a huge gash on my jeans either. So guess how I rocked the look.

Wonder if it'll set off the metal detector??!
OooooOO... nasty!

Safety pins to the rescue!!!! All five of them!! And needless to say, I roamed around in the market for five whole hours. And I must say, I have never felt more confident haggling and walking away if the price wouldn't come down to what I bargained for. But by the time I came back with a huge plastic bagful of clothes and 30+ neck pieces (Yes, 30+ !!!), I thought back to then ....

I was fresh in high school just getting used to my knee-covering skirt, border striped green socks and to using our classrooms as rabbit holes. I was still at that age when I'd look down when I pass a senior in the corridor and run away just even when I feel a senior's eyes on me. One fine day, during a morning break, I was on my way down the stairs when a group of Class 12 boys was heading up. I quickly hopped to the side to give them way when a small loose wire near the stairs caught my socks. I heard a rip and the next thing I knew, my knee length socks were down my ankles. To make matters worse, those boys haven't passed me yet. One of them offered to help but I was so close to tears I couldn't even accept the help. When I reached my classroom, I was so embarrassed that I cried for two whole periods. My friends, as soon as lunch break came, ran down to the school stationary to buy me a fresh pair of socks. While a classmate and I switch seats because my swollen eyes were too visible as I was in the front row!

Now and Then! Huh?????

Who would have known, the girl who cried for over an hour because of torn socks would run around a busy market with a safety pin cluster on her torn pants?!! 

And it took only 12 years. 

Wait, 12 years???!!! I was in high school 12 years ago? No wonder, the torn pants didn't bother me much!! What can I say? Enjoying accidents are just one of the many perks of  getting old maturity! And blogging about them are again, just one of the many symptoms of uber-confidence!! 

Wait!!! Does confidence come with age too??!!

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Ronald Thangeo said...

lol..good one...i missed this post cos m actly loggin in via laptop after so long...u hav became a mini Liz hurley wid yr safety pin clothing..good dat it wasnt ripped at the back..haha...
does confidence come wid age??i dunno..its all a matter of place n time i guess..or we hav all become shameless along d way:)

hmm..i liked yr chekd shirt,will it fit me??
p.s. my word verifictn below reads toRdo..apt isnt it???lol