Jun 21, 2012

My perfect Now Vs. My real Now

In my perfect now,

I study 8 hours a day
I sleep 8 hours a day.
I 9gag less, Facebook less and blog more.
I'm a morning person. I wake up a skylark at 6 AM, half of the day's chore is already done by 9 AM and I retire for the day two hours before midnight.
I'm a lady through and through.
I eat healthy and I exercise well.
I'm best buds with the hottest nerd on the planet, Zachary Levi. 
I master the Government and Binding theory of Syntax.
Delhi is in it's November temperature.
I trust God without panicking.


In my real now,

I hardly study 3 hours a day
I sleep 5 hours a day on an average.
9gag, Facebook and studies go hand in hand, which muddles my mind on what to blog about.
I wake up so late that sometimes I miss breakfast and as a result toss around in my bed till 3 AM.
Sometimes, I get tired of being a girl.
Fresh veggies and fresh fruits are things of the past and a walk to the mess hall counts as my daily exercise.
I get overexcited when Zach Levi's bot retweeted me and kept watching his videos on Youtube.
I bang my head on the table by Page 21 of the 600 paged Syntax Theory book that I am currently studying.
Delhi records the highest minimum temperature of the season. Read: 34 degree Celsius.
I get overly agitated and confront God with my problems!!

In my perfect now, I would have concluded the post with a positive tone.

But this is my real now...


Zualtea said...

...get tired of being a girl <-- another blog post....!!! I fan-ten kan demand.

Senmami said...


Coming Up soon!

Mimihrahsel said...

seriously? I can't believe that i'm not the only one going through the same stuffs. I jogged last month, now i've stopped. I stare at my books, sometimes one page for three hours! My bed time is now 2-3am. I 9gag, facebook, blog, thinking of all possible updates, sometimes i dont publish things that i write , coz it gets too personal in the end, and today i woke up so late missing breakfast, so i'm sitting here waiting for lunch to be served at 12pm! :-)