May 5, 2013


Dancing with the shadows,
Couldn't help but face the dark.
Shadowed Past bruised my heart
So I bruised yours in return!
And there are times I bled your pride
Shamed your name
Cloud your fame
But all the while you held my hand.

They tell me love, sweet love
Gives you fireworks;
Makes your heart go racing;
Gives you wings to fly.
They tell me love, Sweet love
 Feels like falling;
 Sweeps you off your feet;
Makes you want to soar.
But, love is what you showed me...

I get lost in the shadows,
You show me  the light.
My storm blew;
You bend quietly till it pasts.
You held my hand though it bleeds yours;
Wiped my tears instead of yours.
You’d rather be the last so I could be the first;
The dark sky, so my star could shine bright.
You gave me hope against hopeless hours;
Forgiveness through forsaken times;
Gravity to keep my feet on the ground;
Strength when my fight is gone!

So the next time, they ask me what love is…
No, I won’t tell,
I’ll show them…
… You...!

(Found these lines scribbled and tucked away in some random folder. Brings back some really good memories.... Ah!! That feeling of being in love!! 
I shall miss it terribly...)

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