Feb 28, 2011

February: Highs and Lows

February's almost over! Two months into 2011 already. Gone before you know know it, gone before you couldn't make much use of it! 

"If time flies when you're having fun, it hits the afterburners when you don't think you have enough."
~ Jef Mallett

Monthly updates, like this one, I've realized, helped me keep track of the passing month. And somehow plays a teeny tiny role in helping me keep my 'private world' in order. And also, I've noticed that there are people who document their every week through Facebook albums and their every moment through twitter. I choose to do mine with a monthly 'high and low' post. So, here goes my Highs and Lows for the month.


  • I got a scale, a weighing scale! Got back to weighing myself every week. Hope to kick pork! L  However, I grinned as I came across this :

 “Sa zawng zawngah sangha a tha bera, vawksa a thalo ber. Sangha chu kan Lal Isua pawn tihpun tlaka a ngaih a ni a; vawk erawh chu an kawchhung pawh ramhuaiho luhna tawk leka a ngaih a ni. Mahse vawksa a tui ber thung”
Mahruaia Renthlei.
Rihnim. Vol.40; Issue:39. 06th February, 2011   

  • Marie Digby. ‘Un’manufactured (at least the first album); Raw yet polished talent; pretty face, beautiful voice! I'm embarrassed to discover her so late! Doesn't matter, it's never too late to fall in love! :D

  • My Sunday School Group grew to 8 last year to 14 this year! **Double Grin** 14 teenagers who'd probably kill me if they hear me call them 'kids'. I love challenges... especially in the form of teens with attitude!
  • Shooting a mock video of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" with my roomie. It all happened when we had a lazy morning with nothing to do and the shoot just happened! The location: hostel terrace, a corner of our room. We never get to shoot that scene with the Bullet mainly because her friend who owns the bullet had a term paper to work on and couldn't join us in our nonsense project. I used our measly digicam for the shoot and edited in the afternoon with Windows Live Movie Maker. (Yea! I work light). And by dinner time, CyDen's Teenage Dream was ready for viewing!! TaaDaa! But No!! I will not post a link! Sorry, the video's for restricted viewing only! Nancy Choden, I'm having too much fun with you around. I thank God for you but I swear I'll kick you out if my grades start deteriorating! 

  • An all-time old teen crush added me on Facebook! **Cheshire Grin** Wait.... Hell No!! I'm not cheating!!
  • Broadband connection! Ka Ching!! 
  • The JNU Miho Pawl Kut 2011. Our annual get together where we unwind and make fool of ourselves. We spend an afternoon at a park, frolicking and having fun; had dinner at the 'famous' Chanakya Place and sang ourselves sore with some old Mizo hits till midnight at PSR rocks in campus. I woke up the next day, sore, dehydrated and with hardly a voice, yet still unrepentant.
whoop whoop whoop!!

  • Clowns! The world is a better place without clowns. There is this shoe shop in a certain market I frequented who uses dancing clowns as mascots. I haven't entered the shop yet! Once I even skipped a Sunday School Student's birthday party because her mother mentioned that they've hired clowns for the party. I sent a huge gift (out of guilt) and feigned sickness. I'm really sorry, Rhoda. maybe one day you'll understand. Well, this month, I came across clowns at the CanSupport event. The only thing I didn't like about the event. Hands down!
  • Porty Potties. My greatest fear in the world is to be trapped in a porty potty. Claustrophobia coming out to play. And I had no choice but to use one at the same event. My two-minutes of horror. Somehow, my cammie-handy roomie managed to capture the moment.

ewwww!!! ewwww!! ewww!!!
  • 14th February. Need I say more?
  • Rain in February. Sigh! Sigh! I don't mind the cold, I mind the fog! Sigh! Sigh! It kills my mood each time I wake up to a cloudy day!

  • A close friend of mine gave me credit for the picture he used as the front page for his recently released book(let). Prior to the book release, he assured me it was taken at a certain prayer cell event. I, on the other hand, lost all my pictures after my latest hard-disk crash so I couldn't check if it was indeed my picture. So, after all his 'blessed assurance', I happily obliged, and in doing so, I opened Pandora's box. The trouble: it wasn't my picture. The chaos: Two other friends who claimed to own the picture are now in a row while I quietly sip my coffee and stare at my name printed at the Thuhma Theh pages.

The book(let) which almost caused a war between friends! Hmmph!

    There goes my highs and lows... What's yours?

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