Feb 7, 2011

January: Highs and Lows

Well it's second week of February already! And my review of January, my highs and lows; my yays and nays finally got listed!
E-blanket/bedwarmer: Eversince my college days in Shillong, by October, I always swear I’ll get married. Well, because of the cold. And the winter ‘swearings’ followed me down to Delhi.
Well, not this winter!! A friend of mine got a new e-blanket/bedwarmer and ordered one for me too (all the way from Champhai). We named it ‘Lalbela’!! With Lalbela to warm my bed before I get in who needs a warm body next to you? I survived the cold Delhi winter only with a single blanket, and it’s all thanks to my Lalbela.
Jogging started: After almost six months, my four year old jogging shoes are finally put to use. I jog 5 km in THE MORNINGS! Waking up at 6 AM in Delhi winter can be painful, but somehow I rolled out of my bed and put on my shoes and jogged. I was just so proud of myself that I have to pick up the phone and call my dad!
Microsoft One Note: I am so so in love with this darling. I’ve been handling everything from daily notes to timetables to brochure designs to research notes with this baby.
Facebook’s Cityville: One word: ADDICTIVE!!
Wella Kolestint hair colour: Finally a grey coverage without drying my ‘steel-wooly’ hair. I am not the type to usually colour my hair. But a friend of mine once told me that I couldn’t rock the salt and pepper look even with my confidence. I colour my hair ONCE a year. Repeat ONCE a year. But I gave in this year to Wella Kolestint Colour. No more greys and yes! I do rock the Plum hair rather than the grey temples.

This picture - definitely a high! I found this stack of newspapers in a friend’s room and I simply have to click a picture with it!! Seems he was saving it for rainy days! What can I say?? I admire persistence (and height!).

My new 10 inch screen Netbook: Worth every penny! I’m in love with it. I'm still hoping to blackmail my Dad into buying me a new desktop so that I wouldn't dump everything on this baby. I know, I'm being greedy but I really miss photoshopping!

Snail MTNL connection: It’s three weeks and counting for these MTNL people to connect the modem after the phone connection!
Winter Dandruff really got me to oiling my hair with all kinds of oil, some of which gave me permanent headache with their smell. I gave up, bought a pack of Nizral and there goes my dandruff (and my almost silky tresses)!! I feel like I have jute on my head rather than hair! :(
Writer's block??? I can’t bring myself to write a single page for my research work! I should sit in the library more often!
Torn contact lenses speak for itself. I have to wait for my next fellowship installments for a new pair of contacts. Until then, i'll give rest to eye make-up and look dorky!

Well, there goes my month! I hope to have more highs in February! :D


kevin blumer said...

is one note really good would it be any use for doing a diary im stuck with that kinda stuff at the moment i have office on my laptop but i never get the time to explore i stick with word etc

Senmami said...

@kevin blumer. I've been using it for a while now and i really liked it!