Feb 25, 2011

The Magic Words...

A  4 year old Sunday School student who is also a son of my classmate in high school came running to me showing me a little scrap on his tiny cheeks.

'U Zuali, niminah hei Sawmsanga'n a colour bawmin min vawm'

The other in question came running and hugged my knees before I could reply.

'Mahse U Zuali, 'Sorry' ka ti tawh a. Best Friends kan ni tawh'.

His friend nodded in agreement while proudly showing me his 'battle scars'. The two of them are neighbors and, as they declare, are also 'best friends'. Sawmtea and Sawmsanga.They always share a chair on Sunday School, meet each other everyday and, according to the family, will always end up in a fight with one of them crying. Sometimes the fights will count up to 4 times in a single day. But somehow they always make up before the day is done.

They have two magic words: Please and Sorry.

Please  is the magic word which can somehow persuade anyone into doing the thing that you 'politely' request them to do. Once this word is uttered, the other person will have to try his best to do what you request them to do... even the impossible. Once uttered, the person will do anything in his power to grant the request. Done. Once Sawmsanga wanted me to stay over at his place. Such incidents happen when a 4 year old proudly declares you in front of his family 'U Zuali hi ka chhianpa (Thianpa) ania'. I couldn't honor his request as I had an early class the next day. When I left, he was shattered, his face fell as he said 'Tinge U Zuali kha a haw? 'Please' ka ti reng sia'. I hated myself for breaking the bubble!

The other magic word Sorry mends every heart ache and every pain in the world. When uttered, Sorry, all fights stop. All wrongs are done right; everyone forgives; the slate is wiped clean; no past bruises and you can start all over again. Like the way that one forgives even though he still carries his battle scar and the other is bold enough to declare him his best friend because he has already uttered the magic word Sorry.

If only real life were this simple and we have pure hearts like these best friends, magic words like Please and Sorry would have more value in the world.

To my boys who taught me how to say and receive the magic words Please and Sorry! 
 And really mean it...


In Chhianpa, 
U Zuali


Alejendro said...

Published 6:51 a.m. hmm Must have rise quite early..

I said "Sorry" to my girlfriend once, and you know what she said? she said, "If 'Sorry' could make everything alright why'd there be Laws?" And that was when I told her that I'm still in love with my ex-girlfriend.

.. and for those little boys.. they are just so cute.. love that innocent heart. If our hearts were pure and with sinless like those kids, the World could be a better place.

Senmami said...

....Or slept quite late!!

Love my boys... I learnt so much from them!